Kist Za Gel Ovalni Glitter #10


  • Veličina kista 10
  • Ovalni vrh kista
  • Prikladno za gel i gel u boji
  • Visokokvalitetna i vrlo fina Tiger-Toray dlaka
  • Visoka elastičnost
  • Visoka stabilnost
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Our gel nail brush is a carefully designed tool that enables precise application of gel onto nails to achieve flawless results. With its high-quality material and ergonomic design, this brush facilitates professional shaping and the creation of artistic details on nails.

Key features of the gel nail brush:

Premium Material: The brush is made from top-notch materials that allow optimal gel absorption and precise application.

Precision Top Design: The brush tip is meticulously shaped to ensure accurate gel application onto the desired part of the nail.

Ergonomic Handle: The brush handle is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and steady grip during work, reducing hand fatigue.

Easy Cleaning: The brush is easily cleaned after each use, maintaining its excellent performance and durability.

Various Sizes: It’s available in different sizes to accommodate your specific needs and techniques.

This gel nail brush becomes an indispensable partner for every professional in the nail industry, enabling you to achieve top-notch results and create unique designs on nails with confidence and precision.


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